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3 Benefits Apple Growth Partners Brings to your Field Exam


3 Benefits Apple Growth Partners Brings to your Field Exam

By Randy Misch, CPA | Principal – Audit & Assurance, Managing Director – ClevelandRandy Misch

Whether you call it a field examination or a collateral audit, the truth is, no one really wants to do one. But, as a compliance requirement, it’s not a question of “Should I have a field examination done?”, but “WHO should I have do it?”

Our audit and assurance team at Apple Growth Partners (AGP) has been providing full-scope field examinations to banks for a number of years.

Apple Growth Partners audit and assurance team brings experience and skill to your field exam.

Benefits of AGP

Choosing the right accounting partner to conduct your field examination is an important decision.

  • We use only senior-level audit staff to conduct a field exam. Their knowledge and experience qualifies them to dig deeper into your customer’s operations and identify potential risks.
  • We guide your customer through any noted risk areas. By offering additional advisory services, we provide value not only to your bank, but also your customer, solidifying you as their lender of choice.
  • Our experience allows us to work quickly, without interrupting your customer’s daily routine, making AGP an efficient choice as your accounting partner.

If you want to mitigate your risk in asset-based lending, contact me at 216.674.3800 or to schedule the AGP team for your next field examination.