AGP's Healthy Growth Checkup helps businesses uncover money saving opportunities.


When a business plans for the future, they shouldn’t just focus on one area. A wide-ranging, holistic review of how your business operates can help you evaluate every area of your operation and uncover ways to not only save money, but also capitalize on other business opportunities and create a stronger base for the future of your company.

Of course, this is easier said than done without the experience or knowledge it takes to find these opportunities. This is why Apple Growth Partners developed the Healthy Growth Checkup© to help clients create a more efficient foundation for their operation’s future.

The Healthy Growth Checkup© is a comprehensive instrument that we use to evaluate your operation, from human resources to marketing. We utilize this tool to ask the questions necessary to review your whole business and provide you with more than just tax planning ideas.

Of course, we can say all the great things we want about the Healthy Growth Checkup©, but the opinions that really matter are those of our clients. We’ve talked with clients both new and long-term to see what they think of the process and how it has impacted their business.

Sandridge Food Corporation

According to our clients, one of the most appealing parts of the Healthy Growth Checkup© is its structured, holistic nature. Sandridge Food Corporation has only worked with Apple Growth Partners for a few months, but President Rick Sisko cites the Checkup as a big reason why they chose to partner with our company.

“One of the differentiators that we saw in Apple was this process that was structured and allows us to review a number of different areas on a regular and systematic basis,” Sisko says. “It certainly entered our decision when it came time to select a new accounting firm.”

So far, Sandridge has undergone a benefit plan audit, but Sisko is excited to go through the Checkup to evaluate areas and uncover potential business opportunities.

“There are things about taxation, accounting rules and regulations, business processes, government programs and incentives… a wide range of topics that you wouldn’t necessarily think to talk about during each of your meetings, but still provide the structure to have a meaningful conversation to make sure that you cover your bases.”

Fredon Corporation

While Sandridge is still very early on in the Healthy Growth Checkup© process, Fredon Corporation has gone through the whole checklist in their six months with AGP. In that time, Fredon has undergone several projects already, including a cost segregation study that Fredon President Alyson Scott cites as a huge benefit for the company.

“Having that tool shows what kind of firm Apple Growth is,” Scott says about the Healthy Growth Checkup©. “They help your whole business be successful. They’re not just looking at tax plans or preparing tax returns. They really, truly get to know you and all aspects of your business, and the Healthy Growth Checkup© starts conversations in other areas. I feel like they really got to know Fredon and what’s going on other than the balance sheet.”

That knowledge of each individual company goes beyond the numbers. The Checkup is a personal working meeting that allows our firm to interact directly with our clients and get to know them and their specific needs. It’s an organic conversation about different parts of a business. This personal touch is another highlight of the Healthy Growth process.

“We just liked the attitude,” Scott says. “Apple Growth is very professional, but they’re also very welcoming and easy to talk to. It’s a proactive approach versus a reactive accounting approach. They have different departments, and if you need a specialist in something, they don’t hesitate to connect you with somebody else or bring in an outside firm.”

Image of a meeting between a business and an accounting firm.

Kaman’s Art Shoppes

The conversational aspect of the meeting is an important part of the Healthy Growth Checkup© that helps Apple Growth develop a closer connection to a client and their needs. Debby Conkol, the CFO for Kaman’s Art Shoppes, was another client to highlight the relationship aspect of the Healthy Growth Checkup© process.

“As we’ve worked with Apple Growth, I feel like we’re part of a team. They don’t come in and say, ‘you’ll do it this way.’ They hear what you have to say and then they apply their knowledge and their accounting expertise to your situation, which is not something we’ve always seen from other firms.”

Over the past five years, the Healthy Growth Checkup© has helped Kaman’s Art Shoppes structure their financial plan and lower their taxes. The process also allowed the Kaman family to create a succession plan that would help them avoid financial penalties during the ownership transition process.

“The Kamans worked quite closely with Apple Growth,” Conkol says. “They were going through a transition of selling the business to their son and Apple Growth was vital in that. They determined the value of the business and structured a financial plan to complete the sale of the business without anybody facing a major negative financial impact.”

Stark Industrial

Like Kaman’s, the Healthy Growth Checkup© helped Stark Industrial prepare for the future, as well as review past problems. The business has worked with AGP since 2009, when the Healthy Growth Checkup© process made an immediate impression.

“It was a real revelation, to be honest with you,” says Stark President Sam Wilkof. “We’re a three-generation company and we had used an accounting firm that my father had chosen roughly 30 years prior. It’s the old adage of ‘we always did it this way.’ The Healthy Growth Checkup© really taught us a lot about our business and accounting and things that we had really overlooked for 30-plus years.”

Over time, the Healthy Growth Checkup© has helped Stark make a number of changes, including changing from a C corp to an S corp, discovering opportunities for tax and R&D credits, and improving the overall organization of the company. Wilkof also cites Apple Growth Partners’ succession planning as invaluable, as it helped Stark avoid a potentially devastating tax situation after the passing of his father, the company’s founder, a few years ago.

“In my mind, the Healthy Growth Checkup© is something, until we were actually going through it, that we didn’t realize we were missing,” Wilkof says. “Each time we go through one of those checkups, I often think of other companies and wonder if they know what they’re missing.”

Get the Healthy Growth Experience

The Healthy Growth Checkup© is designed to help us uncover opportunities and provide a plan that can correct inefficiencies and set your business up for the future. If you don’t trust us, just ask our clients! Contact us today if you want to learn more about how Apple Growth can help your business grow.