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Experienced Professionals

When I made the transition from another regional accounting firm to Apple Growth Partners, I was five years into my career. The transition was the result of my not seeing the opportunities for advancement at my prior firm. After a few months at AGP, I realized I had made the right decision. Apple Growth Partners rewards hard work, ingenuity and talent. Having a team of experience professionals around me willing to take the time to mentor and ensure my success made a world of difference in where I’m at in my career today.

— Jason Bogniard, Principal – Business Valuation

Apple Growth Partners’ commitment to excellence and exceptional client relationships require that we employ experienced professionals, individuals capable of meeting and exceeding this promise. Our part in this commitment is to provide you the resources and training necessary to accomplish these goals. We provide our staff with the most current and efficient accounting & assurance, tax and valuation tools available and the training to use them effectively. We offer career opportunities that allow you to grow in a positive culture and challenge you to pursue continuous improvement for yourself and the Firm.

Our shared values embody the Firm’s culture and set us apart from our competition. They are utilized in performance evaluations, training programs, vision and strategic plan. These values guide the healthy growth of the Firm and our employees.