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Ep32: The World of Esports


In our latest profile of entrepreneurs, Chuck & Brittany interview the youngest business owner on the show to date – Nick Tsirlis, owner and co-founder of AllMid, an esports engagement experience bringing gamers together through events and community. Nick…


Ep31: The Magic of Content


Content marketing can do wonders for any business, but it’s critical to find a partner to help produce quality content. Our guest today is Sound Czar and small business owner Dan Popp – our partner for creating our show!…


Ep30: Understanding Social Security


Did you know 15,000 people a DAY are eligible for social security? If you’re not receiving social security today, you’re likely having it taken out of your check, but do you know when and how to claim it? Today,…


Ep29: Finding Balance in Family Business


Managing a family business creates unique dynamics amongst family members and co-workers. At the end of the day, family and business can become blended, which could create conflict or miscommunication. Today, we’re joined by Dr. Cecil Bergen, a marriage…


Ep28: Closing the Deal


Are you ready to Get Marvinized? Chuck & Brittany are joined by the Sales Doctor Marvin Montgomery to discuss how to revolutionize — or Marvinize — your company’s sales strategy. Marvin was an expert sales director for a national…