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Is your marketing working? Let’s find out.

An in-depth audit of your brand and marketing strategy to help grow your business, without the pitch of services at the end.

Business owners are swamped managing the day-to-day aspects of their company. Putting marketing on the back-burner may be necessary at first, but in order for your business to grow, a marketing strategy must be developed and followed.

What if your business had an independent, third-party marketing assessment from an experienced marketing director? And get this, the assessment wouldn’t come with a sales pitch for services at the end. Just an assessment, with recommendations on what to do next.

AGP’s latest client service – AGP Creative – is an in-depth audit of your brand and marketing strategy to help grow your business, without the sales pitch at the end. We will provide a detailed recommendation of ways to improve your marketing position, along with a list of qualified and vetted designers, agencies, copywriters, or contractors.

AGP Creative Audit Reviews – Ranging from 2 – 12 Hours:

  • Marketing department structure
  • Social media
  • Website
  • Brand/logo design and usage
  • Marketing contractor/vendor review
  • Messaging assessment
  • Content marketing development
  • Advertising spend and buying plan
  • Audience reach and research
  • Customer/prospect lead process
  • Social engagement
  • Email strategy
  • KPI/ROI assessment
  • Staffing/creative role analysis
  • Continuing education recommendation
  • And more!

About AGP Creative

Brittany White, director of marketing, has more than 15 years of experience in marketing, branding, communication, and creative strategy. Brittany created and executed successful marketing campaigns targeted at both B2B and B2C clients, with expertise in small business, accounting, finance, professional services, healthcare, staffing, and more. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in marketing and a Master’s degree in management, and is certified in content marketing, social media, Google AdWords, email strategy, and Adobe Photoshop. Brittany is a contributor to Forbes, where she gets to use her spare time to write about marketing for business owners.

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