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Ep65: Quick Development of COVID Decontamination

When the words “coronavirus” and “COVID” may have been unknown to most in February of this year, for David Charlton and his team, they were already investigating how to develop decontamination services for this unknown virus. David led his team from Rice Oil Sucks to think outside the box and quickly mobilized to establish decontamination services for local companies, including many essential businesses (grocery stores, fire stations, police stations, manufactures, and more). In addition to actual decontamination services, David’s team helped educate workplaces on proper hazmat training and partnered with Holly Mueller, of Holly M Communications, to help clients prepare crisis communication plans in the event of a positive COVID-19 case in the workplace. Our interview with David and Holly is nothing short of fascinating and inspirational – learn how this innovator saw the dangers that existed with COVID earlier than most and put into place a service available to all Northeastern Ohio without warning.