Getting my CPA: How AGP Supports my Career Goals” by Hannah Clark | Associate – Tax clark021-email

After my first semester at Walsh University, I made it my goal to become a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). From that moment, I mapped out my college career to ensure I would graduate with the required 150 credit hours to sit for the exam. My next step, was to make it a top priority to find a firm that would help me become a CPA.

When I found Apple Growth Partners at the OFIC Career Fair, I quickly realized that AGP would be a great firm to help me achieve my goal of becoming a CPA. Not only has AGP helped financially but also with the great support from my co-workers, many of whom have been in my shoes before.

When accepting the offer from AGP this spring, I had the opportunity to start part-time during the summer so I could focus on studying for the exam. By the end of the summer I had taken two exams. This fall I was able to start my career full-time and begin working towards my goal.

I am grateful Apple Growth Partners allowed me to begin working part-time so I could balance work, life, and studying more easily. The opportunity that AGP has given me enabled me to grow as a person and further my career.