“Intern to Full-Time Professional, how AGP Nurtured my Transition” by Kristen Culp | Associate – Tax

Being a recent college graduate, I am aware of the difficulty of balancing classes while seeking internships and employment. Many of the career fairs I attended during my junior and senior years felt like a sea of CPA firms where I was trying to choose the best fit for me. When I finally found Apple Growth Partners at Walsh University’s Evening with the Accountants, I immediately felt a connection to the culture of the firm.

After multiple interviews and open houses, both with AGP and other firms, I was so honored to have secured a busy season internship with Apple Growth Partners. From my first encounter with the staff, to the first time I toured the office, I knew AGP’s positive culture and friendly team would be the perfect fit for me.

Beginning my internship confirmed I made the right choice. I, as well as the other interns were trained and coached throughout the entire experience. We worked alongside the brightest experts in the business for a hands-on experience. Not only did I learn valuable technical skills, but also how to work in corporate culture with professionals at every stage in their careers.

AGP made my transition from full-time student, to full-time intern, to full-time professional a seamless process. AGP truly cares about their employees, creating a healthy work/life balance, and mentoring staff to develop a career path that best suits their idea of success. After graduation and beginning full-time, I still received the assistance and training I needed in order to continue to learn and transfer into the associate role. In my short time here, I feel a part of the AGP family and am excited to accelerate my career.