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Intentional Leadership

Modernizing the Workforce through Intentional Leadership

Game-changing firm led by modern leaders. Discover the difference.

Our mission is championing the Healthy Growth® of our people, our clients, our communities through authenticity, world-class service, and taking care of each other.

Our leadership team is focused on people, not numbers. Leading by example, our Operating Committee practices “glove-off leadership,” supporting transparency, respect, and integrity by listening, caring, and challenging comfort zones. We invite you to learn more about our leaders through an upcoming content series.

Our firm’s mission is through the dynamic leadership of:
Chuck Mullen Headshot

Charles (Chuck) Mullen, CPA


Erica Ishida Headshot

Erica Ishida, MPOD
President and Chief Operating Officer

Randy Misch Headshot

Randy Misch, CPA
Managing Principal

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