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A Low-Stress Tax Season Begins with Year-End Planning


A Low-Stress Tax Season Begins with Year-End Planning

A Low-Stress Tax Season Begins with Year-End Planning by Eric Street, CPA | Senior Associate – Tax Eric Street head shot

As summer comes to a close and we near the end of another calendar year, it is crucial that you start thinking about the upcoming tax season. Mid-year or year-end planning meetings are a great way to not only strengthen the relationship between you and your accountant, but they also provide an opportunity for you to explore issues while solutions are still available for the tax year. By sitting down and going through our Healthy Growth Checklist, we can do just that.

Importance of Year-End Planning

AGP’s mid-year and year-end planning meetings help you avoid surprises come March or April, and ultimately, be better equipped to hit the ground running in the following year. Turning a blind eye to your tax responsibilities 11 months out of the year only adds to the headache, and increases the overall amount of attention required of you come filing season. By taking the time to address the issues now, you will be able to apply more of your time to grow your business and maybe even save a little money in the process.

Year-end planning is a key to a low-stress tax season. Contact us today to set up your planning meeting.

Next Steps

Whether you need projections or auto-fringe benefit calculations, or just want to have a discussion on legislative changes or the general health of your company, let AGP help you end the year on a high note and begin 2017 with a clean slate and a little peace-of-mind.

Don’t wait until it is too late. Contact us at 330.867.7350 to set-up a year-end planning meeting today.