Drew Bolog head shot


By Drew Bolog, Associate Accounting & Assurance

As a recent graduate, I’m familiar with the hectic senior year struggle of trying to balance classes and find a job in my field at the same time. Attending numerous career fairs and interviews searching for the company that feels like it is the right fit is not an easy task. That’s why I felt relieved when I met Katie and Crista at the OFIC career fair; they put forth the effort on the spot to try to get to know me unlike the typical career fair questions asked by competing firms.

From that point on, I considered Apple Growth Partners a company to keep in touch with. Multiple meetings with employees from the audit and tax departments really gave me a chance to see the company’s positive culture and confirmed that I wanted to work for AGP. Accepting the offer was a clear choice, and it proved to be the correct choice after working for the company for a while.

Staff aided my transition from school to full-time work, and made it as straightforward as possible due to the hands-on nature of training. The work environment has the perfect mix of letting me complete my own tasks while being supportive if any questions or concerns arise. This combination gives me the chance to display my knowledge and simultaneously receive help when I’m not sure what to do. Overall, I can tell that AGP is focused on my development as an employee, and I’m glad to call myself part of the team.