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Top Takeaways from the Professional Car Wash Industry Report


By Alec Derrig | Associate, Tax The day-to-day management of running a car wash is time-consuming, and owners may need help in studying trends or benchmark reports from the industry. The 2019 Professional Carwashing Industry Report from Professional Carwashing…


Ep46: The Importance of Diversity & Inclusion


How can companies and leaders celebrate diversity and promote inclusion within their organization? On the podcast today, Susan Kowalske is here to discuss the efforts AGP has taken to form a Diversity and Inclusion task force. Chuck, Brittany, and…


Ep45: Socially Responsible Investing


Alex Doll is today’s podcast guest, discussing a new trend known as socially responsible investing. Alex is an experienced financial planner and investment manager, helping clients through his boutique wealth management firm. Alex shares with Chuck and Brittany how…


Ep44: Sparking Creativity


One of the most important things all businesses need is a strategic marketing plan. But what is also something businesses put on the back-burner? Also, marketing. Today, Chuck is in the room with two experienced marketers – Tammi Nagucki…


Ep43: Practical Budgeting


A’Shira Nelson of Savvy Girl Money is on the podcast today to discuss practical budgeting tips for millennials (anyone, really!). A’Shira is a CPA by trade but spends her free time educating millennial women real-life budgeting tips, including personalized,…