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Why Your Divorce Needs a Valuation Expert


By Bethany Dria, Senior Associate | Business Valuation The process of a divorce can be a complicated, contentious, and often an emotional journey. The divorce proceeding (whether collaborative or not) can be even more complex and costly when one…


What the Government Shutdown Means for Your Tax Return


By Logan Wang, CPA, MTax, MSA – Associate, Tax |Michael Fink, CPA – Supervisor, Tax Jan. 25, 2019, 3:25 P.M. – As President Trump has announced the government will be open for three-weeks, IRS employees may be returning. However,…


Table for Two – Tax Updates for Restaurant Owners


By Kristy Angerstien | Supervisor, Tax While it seems more cooking shows are appearing on cable and streaming services, studies show Americans are still preferring to eat outside their home. A 2017 report stated the average household spends $3,008…


Exciting Stats of the Growing Car Wash Industry


By Kristy Angerstien | Supervisor, Tax When thinking an industry where independent owners and not chains manage 90% of the facilities, do car washes come to mind? It’s a fact – car wash businesses are growing at a rapid…


Strategic Sisterhood: Shattering the Glass Ceiling


Apple Growth Partners now offers dedicated accounting and business advisory services to women business owners as a part of our Commitment to Excellence. Female entrepreneurs face different challenges from their male counterparts, not only by having to shatter a…