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Ep7: Coaching for Intentional Development


The value of career coaches is undeniable as proven by today’s guest, Erica Ishida. Erica is the CEO and President of Coconino Partners, a professional development firm offering coaching, alignment, team building, and planning for companies. Chuck and Brittany…


Ep6: What’s Your Business Really Worth?


Would you buy a house without an inspection and appraisal? Business valuation is the “appraisal and inspection” part of buying or selling a business. Jason Bogniard stops by the studio to talk about why all business owners should have…


Ep5: Taxing Across State Lines


Transportation accountant John Valle stops by today to translate tax reform changes to those who live on the open road – truckers and fleet managers. John is a CPA and works with transportation clients across the country. Everyone has…


Changes to Proposed Overtime Rules


By Susan Peirce, CPA, MTax | Principal | Audit & Assurance On Thursday, March 7, 2019, the Department of Labor (DOL) finally issued its proposed replacement of the Obama administration’s controversial overtime rule. Under the current administration’s proposal, the…


Don’t Fall Behind on Contribution Deposits


By Susan Burnoski, CPA | Director/Senior Manager, Audit & Assurance Employers that offer a defined contribution plan, either a 401(k) or a 403(b) plan, need to ensure employees’ payroll contributions are deposited into their retirement account in a timely manner….