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Trade-in of Used Assets Just Became More Perilous

If your business has ever had an asset trade-in, you need to understand how the new rules on like-kind exchanges in the tax cuts and jobs act will affect you.


“Trade-in of Used Assets Just Became More Perilous” by Shawn Filipowicz, CPA | Manager – Tax  Business owners may be in for a surprise when they encounter the higher tax bill resulting from their traditional trade-in of used vehicles…


Accounting Method Changes May Lead to Tax Savings

Accounting method changes may benefit businesses with less than $25,000,000 in revenues.


“Accounting Method Changes May Lead to Tax Savings” by Kathy Davis | Senior Manager – Tax   Tax Reform and Accounting Method Changes May Benefit Businesses with Less Than $25,000,000 in Revenues  The recently enacted Tax Cuts and Jobs Act…


Qualified Charitable Distributions – A Tax Planning Advantage Over 70.5

Qualified Charitable Distributions a popular method for those over the age of 70 ½ to maintain the tax advantages of charitable contributions.


“Qualified Charitable Distributions – A Tax Planning Advantage Over 70 1/2” by Diane Thacker, CPA | Manager – Tax  The “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act” that was passed in late December will impact the tax benefit of charitable donations…


Why You Need a Business Valuation Expert


“Why You Need a Business Valuation Expert” by Kimberly Robison | Associate – Business Valuation & Litigation As an owner, you may require a business valuation for a number of reasons including litigation support, Employee Stock Ownership Plans, estate…


Bitcoin Fraud – What is it and How Do I Protect it from Fraud?

Bitcoin fraud is on the rise. With the value of these currencies increasing daily, they have become a prime target for thieves and fraudsters looking to take advantage of Bitcoin’s skyrocketing price and exploit the poor security habit of new users.


by Ian Mansfield | Associate – Audit & Assurance   Bitcoin is the original cryptocurrency – a decentralized electronic payment system designed to eliminate the need for intermediaries and allow people to exchange money quickly, efficiently, and independently over the…