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Business Fraud: The Complete Guide

This comprehensive collection of articles will help you identify indicators of fraud, detail some of the most common types of internal business fraud, and provide strategies you can implement to help prevent fraud in your workplace.

If you suspect fraud has occurred in your business or would like a member of our team to complete an internal control review, please contact us online or at 330.867.7350. In addition to our audit specialists trained in data extraction and analysis, we have experts in fraud examination and forensic accounting.

The Different Types of Internal Business Fraud

Common acts of fraud include embezzlement, internal theft, skimming, and fraudulent financial reporting.
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Three Reasons Why Employees Commit Fraud…and How You Can Stop Them

Fraud is a big deal for any business. According to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners via its yearly Report to the Nations, the average organization loses roughly 5 percent of its yearly revenues to fraud.
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The median loss to fraudsters in the US per fraud scheme is $150,000. Here are the top six behavioral characteristics of fraudsters.

Spot the Fraudsters: Indicators of Fraud at Small & Medium-Sized Businesses

The typical organization loses 5% of revenues from fraud and the median loss in the US per fraud scheme is $150,000. These high losses were consistent regardless of the size of the business.
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Forensic accounting and fraud prevention services from Apple Growth.

What is Forensic Accounting and How Do I Know if I Need It?

Forensic accounting is a specialized area of accounting that utilizes accounting skills to investigate suspected fraudulent behavior and analyze financial information for use in legal proceedings.
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If you suspect vendor fraud in your organization, AGP can help detect fraud and tighten your internal controls.

Vendor Fraud What it is and How to Prevent it

Employee fraud is an unfortunate reality faced by every organization, big and small. Any employee who feels enough pressure and sees an opportunity has the ability to commit and rationalize fraud.
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Apple Growth Partners can help you with tax refund identity theft.

Seasonal Workers Can Lead to an Increased Risk of Fraud

Hiring seasonal workers can be a big advantage for industries with peak sales periods. Short-cutting the hiring process is one of the biggest contributors to an increase in fraud from seasonal workers.
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Expense reimbursement fraud is one of the top ways to steal money from a business. If you suspect expense report fraud in your business, contact Apple Growth Partners' Fraud & Forensic Accounting team today for help.

Tips to Prevent Expense Report Fraud

According to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, expense reimbursement fraud is one of the top ways to steal money from a business.
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These simple strategies can help you safeguard your business against fraud.

Fraud Prevention – Simple Strategies to Safeguard Your Business

The focus of a pro-active fraud prevention program is to limit an employee’s opportunity to commit fraud. This is best accomplished by having strong internal controls in place, including good segregation of duties.
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Image of internal controls for fraud prevention.

Basic Internal Controls that All Business Owners Should Enforce

As a business owner, you need to protect your company from theft and false financial reporting. Strong internal controls can help ensure that your business’ financial integrity stays intact.
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