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Janet Williams, Controller/Senior Manager - Tax

Janet Williams, CPA

Controller/Senior Manager - Tax
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Healthy growth is growth that exposes a company’s place in the market; achieved by increased revenues; smart cost savings plans; reinvestment in tools of the trade (equipment, software, etc.); and investment in key employee roles.”

OUR GROWTH STRATEGY: At AGP, we listen with true regard to our clients’ needs and concerns. We strive to find the best solutions and continually adapt our strategies to their changing needs.

WHAT DRIVES ME: My favorite part about working with companies is helping them grow and the impact it has on the local economy. As controller, my largest client is the Firm and I feel proud to play a key role in moving us forward.

NOTABLE CLIENT SUCCESSES: When clients lack in-house accounting or are experiencing staff changes, it can create a void in their world. I have been instrumental in many clients getting things “straightened out” and moving in a positive growth direction.

PROVEN TRACK RECORD: During my 22 years with the Firm I have worked with dozens of business entities and hundreds of individuals. I have worked on multiple special projects where clients have not had in-house accounting professionals or controllers. I thrive on being part of the decision making process and creating new and better ways to improve daily operations and overcoming issues.

WHEN I’M NOT AT WORK: You’ll find me with my family. I’m a proud “soccer mom” and well known at my daughters’ school for volunteering as a room mom and party planner. We enjoy hiking or biking the trails; trying new restaurants in the area and enjoying playtime outside.

IF I HAD A BUCKET LIST: It would include family trips to faraway destinations such as Hawaii, the Caribbean and Europe.

STAYING GROUNDED: As parents, it is very important to us that our girls experience other cultures and become aware of less fortunate areas around the world. In 2015, my daughter and I are completing a mission trip in Guatemala.


What are some issues within your specialty that are commonly overlooked or not addressed by clients? Why are these important to address? One important issue is not analyzing the true net profit of each department to determine if some losses are acceptable in order to support other profitable areas. This is true for multiple product lines. This type of analysis allows the client to understand where problems truly exist and how to overcome them.

What are some of the most pressing issues facing your clients today and how do you add value in helping them tackle them? Increasing revenue and expanding their reach in the market are two issues facing clients. Budgeting and playing out “what if” scenarios are helpful. It can be hard for some owners to seek advice beyond their own circle of trusted confidants.


Smart + Persistent + Loyal + Caring + Respectful


  • Bachelor’s of Science, Accounting – The University of Akron


  • Ohio Society of Certified Public Accountants
  • American Institute of Certified Public Accountants


  • Akron Rotary — Member since 2004; Past President, Past Treasurer
  • Akron Rotary Foundation — Secretary