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Jeff Brooks, Principal – Tax

Jeff Brooks, CPA, CGMA

Principal – Tax
  • + Problem solver
  • + Analytical
  • + Diligent
  • + Loyal
  • + Present

“To me, healthy growth means focusing on sustainable growth that can endure for generations.”

MY GROWTH STRATEGY: My philosophy for working with clients is to have a collaborative environment in which we work together to solve problems and grow their business. Neither of us have all the answers, but together we can do amazing things.

MY SPECIALTY: My work focuses on consulting with businesses primarily providing tax and advisory solutions particular to each of my client’s needs. I have assisted in numerous mergers and acquisitions, along with various other restructurings, recapitalizations, and investments for clients. I’ve always enjoyed working with numbers, so business and accounting was a natural fit. As I studied accounting, the business and tax planning in public accounting really excited me because of the endless possibilities. The most gratifying part of my work is seeing a client succeed as a result our relationship, whether that is a positive business sale/transition, or turning around an unprofitable division of the company.

NOTABLE CLIENT SUCCESSES: We’ve had a number of very successful mergers and acquisitions in the last few years. Our diligence and knowledge has helped generate impressive after-tax returns, and offered a smooth process, for our clients. I’m sure there will be more to come with the baby-boomers entering retirement years.

PROVEN TRACK RECORD: It’s not just about me; it’s about the team that we build. Together with my clients and partners, we have been able to put ideas into action that have generated significant savings, created efficiencies, and lead to new client business. What sets me apart is my breadth and depth of experience, combined with my youth and energy. I am always learning and growing, and bringing those new thoughts, ideas, and action items to my clients. I have seen all sorts of issues, and helped develop a unique solution in each situation.

MY FAVORITE THING: Helping clients grow and seeing the positive impact on Northeast Ohio. I grew up in the area and enjoy working with individuals who make this area their home. To see more and more people in Northeast Ohio succeed, despite a tough national economy, is exciting and inspirational.

OUT OF THE OFFICE: You will find me at sporting events, from baseball to football and basketball; I am a huge supporter of our local and regional teams. I’m a big fan of outdoor activities with family, friends and colleagues. Some of my favorites include playing catch, golf, running, enjoying the park with my children, and adventures such as whitewater rafting, boating, and riding roller coasters. I’m an avid reader and like to keep up on national and local current events, especially business reports. I also enjoy traveling to destinations across the United States.


I would like to:

  • play in a World Series game (although I think that may have passed me by);
  • attend a Browns Super Bowl game (although this may never happen either);
  • visit remote places around the world;
  • represent Ohio as a member of U.S. Congress, and help improve the business climate one step at a time, including a more efficient tax system;
  • and write a book that is published.

Things I have already crossed off the list:

  • Attend a baseball game at Fenway Park & Wrigley Stadium;
  • Attend an OSU – Michigan game (2002 at the Horseshoe);
  • Attend a World Series game (Indians in 1995);
  • Play poker in Las Vegas;
  • Visit the Greek Islands;
  • Go whitewater rafting on the Gauley River (in West Virginia);
  • and Present to a group of over 100 professionals.


What are some issues within your specialty that are commonly overlooked or not addressed by clients? Why are these important to address? Our clients don’t always want to be proactive; however, many opportunities can be missed when only looking backwards. I continuously work with clients to get them in a proactive mindset, so that we’re taking advantage of tax credits, deductions, and deferrals available to them. We can also leverage forecasts and projections to maximize the profitability of the business. Working collaboratively, with the client, as well as other subject matter experts, can bring about some amazing results.

What are some of the most pressing issues facing your clients today and how do you add value in helping them tackle them? The most pressing issues today revolve around adapting to change. Business owners realize they need to change to remain relevant; however, sometimes they can’t see the whole picture. They have an amazing understanding of their business, but may not know how to navigate outside factors affecting their healthy growth. We study the political landscape for updates to tax policy, employee matters, and interest rates, as well as business and technology advances that can help them grow. We bring these ideas and opportunities to our clients to help them achieve their goals and objectives.


Problem solver + Analytical + Diligent + Loyal + Present


  • Bachelor of Business Administration, Accounting – Ohio University


  • Ohio Society of Certified Public Accountants
  • American Institute of Certified Public Accountants – Certified Public Accountant Member
  • Chartered Global Management Accountant
  • Akron Tax Club Board
  • Cascade Capital Corporation – Loan Approval Committee
  • Ohio University School of Accountancy Advisory Council


  • OSCPA Elementary School Financial Literacy Outreach
  • United Way Corporate Campaign, Past Account Executive