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Stan Apple, Principal - Tax

Stan Apple, CPA

Principal - Tax
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MY GROWTH STRATEGY: Fueled by a commitment to provide the best advice and counsel, I am accessible and responsive without being concerned about billing for every minute by offering the free lunch promise. This promise allows clients to ask important questions, free of charge, over the lunch hour. My client’s success is my gratification as well as being their true partner during the good and bad times. My sincere motto is: “I don’t have many clients…but I have many, many friends who are my clients also.”

ON SPECIALIZING: I love working with highly committed and “Type A” business people – two characteristic traits of automobile dealers.

NOTABLE CLIENT SUCCESSES: I played an integral role in helping my clients secure the purchase of significant auto dealership franchises in a very competitive situation. Through the years I have negotiated the sales of various business transactions and in a few of those cases, my clients doubled my submitted fee. Another success story was when I was able to help a client resolve family business succession problems and simultaneously resolve family conflict.

PROVEN TRACK RECORD: In my 52 years with the Firm, I have directed and been involved in more than 50 major purchases or sales of businesses. I possess a relentless commitment to learn and share knowledge to help provide direction. As difficult as it might be at times, I play the role of “Devil’s advocate” to force the client to look at all issues with an open mind and to help them develop and clarify their conclusion to take the ball and make it happen.

OUT OF THE OFFICE: I enjoy the opportunity to share a beautiful day on the golf course with a good friend or client.

MY BUCKET LIST: To see my colleagues succeed and to spend more time with my family.

UNIQUE INSIGHT: I have loved every day at work and cannot imagine having done anything differently as a career. I am not a brain surgeon saving lives every day but I get as much gratification when the client says “Thanks. You were a great help to me.”


What are some issues within your specialty that are commonly overlooked or not addressed by clients? Why are these important to address? Succession planning is the big one. You can spend a business lifetime building a company and then have it all crumble – all at once or slowly over time – due to a lack of planning and addressing the hard transition issues.

What are some of the most pressing issues facing your clients today? My clients struggle with two things – a lack of clarity as to how the tax laws can be applied and a lack of educated, committed and hard-working employees.


Honest: I want to be able to feel that I was always was truthful in all relationships in my life.


  • Bachelor of Science, Commerce – Ohio University


  • American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
  • Ohio Society of Certified Public Accountants (OSCPA)
  • AICPA Employee Benefit Plan Audit Quality Center
  • Florida Society of Certified Public Accountants
  • Driving Force Auto Advisory Organization
  • OSCPA Map Committee – Past Member


  • Rosemont Country Club – Board member & treasurer
  • Walsh Jesuit High School – Board member & finance advisory board
  • Inventors Hall of Fame — Board member & executive committee
  • Ohio Ballet – Board member
  • United Way – Board member & treasurer
  • Bank One of Akron – Board member
  • Fairlawn Country Club – Finance chair