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ACA Reporting Compliance

Reporting requirements under the Affordable Care Act are a major effort that is now a reality for businesses and non-profits with 50 or more full-time or full-time equivalent employees. The complexities of ACA reporting can be overwhelming for many employers, but Apple Growth Partners has a solution that can help make following ACA requirements a much easier – and less time consuming – process. Our decision tree helps you determine your reporting responsibilities.

Introducing my aca partner

The ACA has employers asking a lot of questions about reporting compliance. Read our frequently asked questions.

To help companies get answers, Apple Growth Partners created my aca partner to guide employers through the complexities of health care reform.

ACA compliance is a complex situation, but my aca partner helps you get your reporting information in order to stay compliant. my aca partner’s software and dedicated data team benefits your business by:

  • Avoiding last-minute reporting headaches: my aca partner lets you test your data NOW and not when forms are due in January
  • Reducing your workload: Our software determines the series codes for your employees and their dependents
  • Integrating with commonly-used software
  • Printing and mailing Form 1095-C (or Form 1095-B, if applicable) to all employees
  • Providing training to further your understanding of ACA regulations and our software

Preparing Yourself for ACA Compliance

Unlike some companies, Apple Growth Partners and my aca partner doesn’t require you to pay for what you don’t need or use scare tactics when deadlines approach. Instead, we can help you make order from the chaos to keep you ACA compliant and headache free.

If you would like to learn more about how my aca partner can manage your ACA reporting requirements, please contact Vicki Trettel at 330.867.7350 to schedule an appointment with one of our experts.