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Advisory Services

Succession Planning

Whether your business is a family tradition or an endeavor of partners, in its infancy or third generation, succession planning should be started early and continue as an ongoing process. Planning for the future entails an in-depth analysis of your current situation – and recognition of factors that will bring about future change.

Together – we will develop a sound succession plan to protect your wealth for generations to come. As an owner, this will help you determine the timing of the exit while exploring opportunities to minimize income and estate taxes. Since a business is often one of the largest assets an individual owns, proper succession planning is a critical component to retirement planning for the owner.

Advisory Board Formation

As companies grow and mature, their management needs change dramatically, and the expertise required is not always available in the company’s pool of management talent. Often advisory boards are needed for an outside perspective. The formation of an advisory board augments your management team, bringing expertise in areas such as human resources, marketing, operations, legal, finance, and technology.

Advisory Boards often weigh in on business succession planning, strategy, turnarounds, reduction-in-force and the sales of business units.

Mergers, Acquisitions, Reorganizations and Sales

We have assisted a multitude of companies with stock and asset transactions, mergers and acquisitions and reorganizations in industries including manufacturing and distribution, transportation, technology, real estate and auto dealerships.

Our services include assistance with advanced tax and financial planning and advice on tax efficient structures for both taxable and tax-free mergers and acquisitions. This advice can be used to negotiate upfront the optimal Letter of Intent for a purchase, merger or joint-venture agreement.

Benchmarking and Best Practices

Would you like to see how your company measures up against its peers – but don’t have access to relevant data? You know your financial results, but need help in determining if they are in line with where they should be? We have tools that help you compare your company’s results to relevant industry data, including private, closely-held businesses, of similar size and geographical market.

Due Diligence

Looking to buy? We provide comprehensive due diligence analysis to uncover potential business risks and exposure. AGP can help – whether you’re looking for a quick assessment or a more extensive verification of financial data during negotiations. Our due diligence experience can help detect issues that can be negotiated to your benefit or, in some cases, are signals that suggest the transaction should not proceed. Due diligence identifies the strength and viability of future earnings, assets and liabilities.

Expansion and Growth Financing

Growing businesses often require access to cash to fund increasing receivables and necessary inventory levels, equipment purchases or expanded facilities. However, few businesses can generate enough free cash flow to fuel both their growth and pay taxes – let alone make long term investments.

We can help you obtain financing by compiling accurate financial projections, demonstrating your cash needs, and introducing you to the right resources for your specific needs.

Internal Control Consulting

We can evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of key controls within specific accounting related business cycles – e.g. cash receipts, cash disbursements, payroll, purchasing and accounts payable, sales and accounts receivable, inventory and fixed assets – centered on a specialized risk-based approach we determine in collaboration with your management team.

Services include:

  • Gaining an understanding of the current process and key business risks through interviews and review of documentation
  • Documenting, as needed, the existing system of internal controls
  • Providing a summary of our observations and recommendations.

AGP can also assist in designing accounting policy manuals, developing job descriptions and responsibilities or creating accounting controls to ensure segregation of duties.