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Succession Planning

Business Succession Planning

It’s never too early for succession planning. Proper business succession plans call for detailed analysis of your situation so that you and the rest of your business can be truly ready for your departure.

Apple Growth Partners works with owners to prepare their business for the transfer of ownership. Our succession planning experts develop an in-depth plan and business valuation that will review different elements to ensure that the right actions are taken and everything is in place for a successful transition.

Three-Phase Succession Plan Roadmap

There are many questions to answer before you can hand off your business to another person. What is your business really worth? Is your successor the right person for the job? Will you be financially prepared to live the same lifestyle after you leave? Apple Growth Partners follows a three-phase roadmap to answer these questions and get your business ready for the transfer of ownership.  The succession planning process can take three to five years before every element of your business is ready for the transition, with phases focused on the initial preparation, imminent transition, and the actual transfer of control. Our three-phase roadmap covers a wide variety of company and personal matters that owners need to have in order before a successful transfer of ownership. These include:

  • Non-compete Agreements
  • Structured Real Estate
  • Corporate Governance Review
  • Wills and Trusts Review
  • Payment Structures
  • Updated Personal Financial Plans
  • Investment Strategy Review
  • Plan Feasibility Assessment
  • Tax Planning
  • Cash Flow Forecast
  • Funding Options
  • Draft Agreements
  • Deferred and Incentive Compensation
  • Tax Implication Evaluation
  • Family/Team Meeting

 In addition to these matters, we also help you determine if the new ownership candidate(s) are right for your role. We work with an industrial psychologist to discover if the potential candidates are suited for ownership or, in the case of family, if they really want to take over at all.

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Prepare for the Future through Succession Planning

Regardless of whether your business is a family tradition or a partnership, it’s only as strong as its foundation. Apple Growth Partners will develop a sound plan to guide you through the process. We drive action to ensure that everything is ready for you and the new owner when you’re ready to move on – and not any later.

There are several factors that can delay or even prevent a successful and timely transition. Apple Growth Partners can help you avoid these issues, protect your wealth, and prepare your business for the future. Contact us today about retirement and succession planning.