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In some instances, valuations are needed in order to ensure compliance with GAAP. Outside experts are often brought in to assist companies with this work, as the valuations are subject to auditor scrutiny and potentially regulatory bodies such as the SEC. Companies that were acquired, have goodwill on their balance sheet, or have issued stock options often require valuations by outside experts to ensure compliance with GAAP.

The rules governing, as well as standard practices, for what is required in order to ensure GAAP compliance is continually evolving especially for private companies. It is important for companies needing this work to ensure they are working with a qualified professional who is aware of these changes and how they impact the work that is required.

Apple Growth Partners provides a financial reporting valuation reports for the following:

  • Purchase price allocations (ASC 805)
  • Impairment testing (ASC 350 & 360)
  • Stock option valuations (ASC 718)
  • Fair value measurement for a wide range of complex financial assets and liabilities

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