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Retirement Planning

Insurance & Long Term Care Analysis

AGP will review your insurance requirements in the context of an overall estate plan. We can also work with you and your insurance advisor to make sure a sound plan is in place for your long-term care. Insurance company ratings can help in selecting the right carrier and we can make that data available to assist in your selection.

Investment Portfolio Performance Reviews

As an agreed upon procedure, AGP can review your investment accounts monthly, quarterly or annually to check that transactions have been accounted for and posted correctly. We calculate the rate of return and compare to market benchmarks and can advise on your investment risk profile – is your portfolio properly balanced to your retirement time line? We have close working relationships with several investment advisors in order to give you a personal fit.

Social Security Optimization

One of the biggest retirement decisions you will make is how and when to claim Social Security benefits. Social Security is the foundation of your retirement planning. We calculate various scenarios as well as the tax implications and how to coordinate with your other retirement funds. If you make the WRONG decision at the WRONG time, your benefit is always SMALLER and FOREVER. Let us take this one-time, complicated decision and develop your individualized claiming strategy. Our overall objective is to maximize the high earner benefit, coordinate the claiming options between spouses, and maximize the surviving spouse benefit. For a married couple, this could amount to over $1,000,000. Let’s make a plan together.