Using Technology in the Construction Industry” by Chris Benko, CPA | Principal – Audit & Assurance Chris Benko head shot

Over the past few years there have been many changes in the construction industry.

  • There is now more collaboration between construction companies on jobs
  • Labor shortage
  • Uncertain economic environment
  • Offsite/modular construction
  • Technology opportunities

In the construction industry you always need to expect the unexpected. You need to implement procedures to reduce risks and increase profit. Using a tablet to write up change orders and have them approved and signed in the field will eliminate any disputes with your customers. Using technology to implement a dynamic pricing approach can help increase your margin. These are just a few of thing you company can do to improve performance.

With constant changes in technology there are opportunities to add value and increase efficiencies for your company. From the use of drones to the implementation of an automated project management system with a fully integrated ERP system, Apple Growth Partners can help you assess your company’s needs and determine how you can use technology to improve.