my aca partner makes testing your data for ACA compliance easy with its simplified templates.


my aca partner can help make the Affordable Care Act reporting process less complicated. A big way we help is through our simple monthly reporting template, which makes it easy to provide your information as a step towards ACA compliance.

my aca partner makes testing your data for ACA compliance easy with its simplified templates.

What We’ll Need From You

Our templates have four sections that you’ll need to fill out for each employee, which requires you to provide:
• Basic employee information
• Salary
• Health care coverage
• Information for listed dependent(s) – only needed if you have a self-insured plan

So where can you get all of this data? Basic employee information should be available through your Human Resources Information Systems or through payroll. Payroll will also be able to provide you with the required salary info. You can find your coverage information from your benefits enrollment system or your medical insurance carrier.

How You’ll Fill the my aca partner Template Out

Once you have all of your information ready, it’s just a matter of plugging it into our easy-to-use Excel template, saving you from having to download and use complicated software.

Each employee should be listed on a different line in the template. Then you can follow the labels on each column and you’ll be able to efficiently fill out these forms.

When you’re finished filling out our template, you can easily upload it to the my aca partner – portal. Then we’ll be able to see your data and check to see if all required information has been provided.

Making ACA Compliance an Easier Process

There is a lot of information that is needed for ACA reporting. my aca partner’s simple template system allows you to easily plug your employee’s information in without having to deal with complicated software.

Plus, turning in your information every month helps you avoid having to figure out a whole year’s worth of data with a reporting deadline looming. We can test your data every month to avoid potential reporting headaches.

To learn more about how my aca partner can help you and your organization, contact Vicki Trettel at 330.867.7350 to schedule an appointment with one of our experts.

Brian Morgan, CPA/Senior Manager – Audit & Assurance