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Why You Should Have The Same Firm Handle Tax, Audit, and Business Valuation Services


Why You Should Have The Same Firm Handle Tax, Audit, and Business Valuation Services

By  Jason Bogniard, MBA, ASA, CVA, EA | Principal – Business ValuationJason Bogniard head shot

It’s good to know what you’re worth, but you need the right people to provide you with an accurate market value. Certified business valuation experts can provide you with a fair, independent market value for your business when you need it whether you:

  • Are planning on selling your business
  • Are looking to acquire another business
  • Are gifting your business to a relative
  • Need to know to value of your business due to litigation

If you’re looking for the right firm for business valuation services, you should consider using the same group that already handles your tax planning and preparation and audit work for your valuation needs. Instead of dealing with multiple groups, you can streamline the situation by having the same firm handle all your accounting and valuation needs. At Apple Growth Partners (AGP) we’ve found there are distinct advantages for business owners.

Your Accounting Firm Can Help You Save Time During Information Gathering


One of the things that owners don’t know, think about, or appreciate until they go through the valuation process is how long it can take to get through the information gathering phase of the process. From historical tax returns to payroll records, it can be a painstaking practice for a business owner and his or her staff to assemble all of the information that typically only an accountant keeps.

If you’re already an Apple Growth Partners tax or audit client, we will typically have most of the business records we need for business valuation inside our four walls. That saves you and your staff time that could be spent working on anything other than hunting down documents and information. Better yet, AGP digitally saves all your business records in electronic format which allows for quick and easy access.

Having your tax or audit partner help with information can also help speed up the process. The faster all the information is gathered, the faster our certified business valuation experts can begin working on a report.

Apple Growth Partners has the advantage of providing tax preparation, audit services, and business valuations services for clients.

Your Accounting Firm Already Understands Your Business and Your Industry


A good accounting firm has more than just information about your company. Years of collaboration also provides a level of understanding that a previously uninvolved firm will not have.

After spending time working with our tax and audit clients, Apple Growth Partners develops a good body of knowledge of both a company and its industry. This understanding can be passed on to our business valuation team to give us better insight into:

  • The company as a whole including unique opportunities
  • The specific challenges the company is currently facing
  • The general state of a company’s industry
  • Gifting strategies currently in place or under development

Benefits From Combining Tax Planning, Audit Services, and Business Valuation


The right information and understanding makes a big difference for your business’ valuation. Not all tax and audit firms have business valuation capabilities, so you’ll need to find a group that excels at each. At Apple Growth Partners we have four Principals with over 80 years of valuation experience. Combined with an excellent group of tax and audit professionals, business valuation services could be the right move for your company.

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