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Audit and Assurance Services from Apple Growth Partners


An audit of your company’s financial statements is the highest level of assurance. An audit includes tests of your financial records, observation of your physical inventory count, and confirmation with third parties such as your customers, your bank, and your attorney.

We issue a report with our opinion as independent CPA’s to accompany your audited financial statements and footnote disclosures. An audit is the gold standard of attest services.


A review of your company’s financial statements provides limited assurance. We analyze your financial results and ask questions, but do not need third-party evidence. We issue a report as independent accountants with your reviewed financial statements.

Ask your banker to accept reviewed rather than audited financial statements – it will save you time and money.


In a compilation, we make sure the form of your financial statements is correct and that there are no obvious errors. Your financial results can be compiled with or without footnote disclosures, depending on your needs.

Agreed-upon Procedures

A structured engagement in which AGP is contracted by a client to perform specific procedures and report findings. We do not perform an examination or provide an opinion. Rather, we report only procedures and the results of our findings. Agreed-upon procedures engagements also arise when a client provides information to a third party, and the third party requires our involvement to enhance the credibility of the information. Examples of such third parties include banks, regulatory agencies, prospective investors, and prospective purchasers.

Cash Flow Needs Analysis

Apple Growth Partners works with you to provide a complete financial picture and clear plan to accommodate your future business needs. Many factors impact your cash needs including:

  • Growth of your business
  • Carrying more inventory to meet your customers’ needs
  • Customers paying slower
  • Capital expenditures and other improvements to your business operations
  • Repayment of debt
  • Funding future transactions

Forecasting, Budgeting & Projections
When planning for your future business needs, historical financial statements are important, but looking ahead is critical. With your input, we will prepare projections, or pro-forma financial statements, to assist with “what if” analyses, budgeting, or to obtain financing.

Cost Accounting – Systems and Analysis
We assist manufacturing clients with cost accounting – the cost of raw materials and the application of conversion costs (manufacturing labor and overhead) to inventory, so they know and understand the real cost of the products they produce. Manufacturing costs are constantly changing because of a myriad of factors – fluctuating material prices, an increase or decrease in your labor force, beefing up inspection or quality control processes, compliance with certification requirements, automating a manual process, soaring utility costs, the list goes on and on.

Let AGP help you assess your current cost accounting method or develop a system from scratch. Our approach is customized and takes into account existing business processes in place.

Measuring inventory is key to a manufacturing company’s financial statement. Knowing and understanding these costs in today’s challenging environment is critical to achieving Healthy Growth®.

Employee Benefit Plan Audits

If your company-sponsored retirement plan covers more than 100 participants, the plan may require an audit. AGP provides employee benefit plan audits and ensures your compliance with the Department of Labor’s (DOL) requirements.

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