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Employee Benefit Plan Audit Services from Apple Growth Partners

If your company-sponsored retirement plan covers more than 100 participants, the plan may require an audit. AGP provides full-scope audits and ensures your compliance with the Department of Labor’s (DOL) requirements.

Our team has the experience and knowledge to help you balance quality, time and cost when it comes to complying with the legal obligation for your employee benefit plan audit.

  • A team of 15+ dedicated professionals that specialize in audits of employee benefit plans
  • Complete knowledge of new developments, and all issues and regulations
  • Experience with mergers and acquisitions
  • Open communication and transparency throughout the process, including status reports along the way
  • Attention to planning and communication to avoid disruptive surprises and delays
  • Our team conducts over 40 employee benefit plan audits annually, including defined contributions, defined benefit, and health and welfare plans.
  • Relationships with plan administrators, investment custodians, trustees, and financial advisors
  • Analyses of operational conditions and recommendations on process and administrative improvements
  • A commitment to exceptional service throughout the audit

Susan Burnoski, CPA | Principal


Krista Steedly, CPA | Manager

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