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Business Valuation

How do you determine the value of your business? Our certified valuation experts provide independent fair market value opinions that are courtroom tested and withstand scrutiny by the IRS and Department of Labor. Business valuations are needed for many reasons including:

  • Transactions, including mergers and acquisitions and redemptions or buy-outs
  • Commercial litigation and shareholder disputes
  • Domestic relations, including determination of fair market value and appreciation of a business during marriage, cash flow and income analysis, and prenuptial agreements
  • Employee ownership, including valuations required for Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs), profit sharing and stock bonus plans – and stock option or award plans
  • Financial reporting
  • Tax compliance including estate and gift taxes, S Corporation elections – and charitable contributions

Business Succession Planning

Whether your business is a family tradition or an endeavor of partners, in its infancy or third generation, succession planning should be started early and continue as an ongoing process. Planning for the future entails an in-depth analysis of your current situation – and recognition of factors that will bring about future change.

Together, we will develop a sound succession plan to protect your wealth for generations to come. As an owner, this will help you determine the timing of the exit while exploring opportunities to minimize income and estate taxes. Since a business is often one of the largest assets an individual owns, proper succession planning is a critical component to retirement planning for the owner.

Estate and Gift Tax

Gifting of ownership to the next generation is one strategy employed when looking to transition the ownership of your privately held company. Our business valuation professionals can help provide a certified valuation analysis and report that will stand up to IRS scrutiny. A business valuation report meeting the IRS strict standards will provide your gift tax return the adequate disclosure necessary for the three-year statute of limitations to run.

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