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Strategies for Growth

Business owners have likely seen the statistics stating how many small businesses won’t survive past the first two, five, or even 10 years from origination. The fight to overcome these statistics can be an excellent motivator and energizer, but how do leaders ensure their energy is directed at the “right” strategies that will succeed?

Growth doesn’t happen accidentally. A clear, actionable plan for growth is essential to remain strategic and intentional at every step and to ensure your business has every chance of long-term success.

Organizations can achieve growth through a plan that is clearly communicated, that puts purpose ahead of profits, and creates a culture of accountability.

Randy Misch

Randy Misch Managing Principal What does “leadership” mean to you? When I think of leadership I feel you have soldiers following you into battle. You are compassionate, constructive and bring your soldiers along so they can become Generals. Being humble and having empathy when making decisions in the best interest of the Firm. What does …

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Erica Ishida

Erica Ishida President and Chief Operating Officer What does “leadership” mean to you? Leadership is a mindset and a commitment to knowing and leading oneself– in our thoughts, actions, behaviors, and interactions with others.  It’s knowing who we are, what we value, and making choices aligned with that. And it’s encouraging, supporting, and empowering others …

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Family Office Attorneys

Do your clients need asset and liability management, tax preparation and planning, or concierge services? Our team of CPAs will collaborate with you to give your clients complete peace of mind. Our services include: Designing and implementing a family office governance plan Providing financial education to family members Family conflict avoidance, mitigation, and resolution Wealth …

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Charles (Chuck) Mullen

Charles (Chuck) Mullen Chairman What does “leadership” mean to you? Leadership to me is about moving the organization and its people forward every single day, no matter the circumstances, and doing it ethically, and being flexible and open-minded in approach. Ever forward. What does it mean for you to be part of the OC leadership …

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Family Office


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Although transactional and transformational leadership are quite different approaches to leadership, comparing the two is not a question of good vs. bad or right vs. wrong. Both offer advantages in certain situations, and while you may naturally gravitate toward one style, understanding both and knowing when to utilize their strategies can make you an even stronger leader.