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Ep65: Quick Development of COVID Decontamination


When the words “coronavirus” and “COVID” may have been unknown to most in February of this year, for David Charlton and his team, they were already investigating how to develop decontamination services for this unknown virus. David led his…


Ep64: Leadership Stark County


Stephanie Werren from Leadership Stark County joins Chuck and Brittany virtually to discuss why leaders need a continued practice of their leading strategies throughout their careers. Stephanie talks about how the LSC curriculum was developed and why business owners…


Ep63: Leading a Non-Profit Through a Crisis


Jeff Johnson from Weaver Industries joins Chuck and Brittany (remotely) to discuss Weaver’s career services for individuals with disabilities and how they can help local businesses. Jeff also discusses his leadership through the COVID-19 crisis, which was intense for…


Ep62: Building a SaaS Factory


Marling Engle from Metisentry is here (virtually) with us today to discuss their new project – creating a SaaS factory. Chuck & Brittany learn all there is to know about SaaS (at least in 30 minutes), and Marling discusses…


Ep61: Building a Franchise


Today, we’re joined by one of Chuck’s great friends, John Rasnick! John is sharing his expertise in building a successful franchise…on top of his own law practice! John might be the ultimate expert in time management. John shares how…