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Apple Growth Partners Construction and Real Estate Services

All capital-intensive businesses are complex, but construction companies face their own distinct issues – including shifting markets, specialized accounting methods, elaborate partnerships and the ever-changing regulatory environment. Buying, developing, managing, holding, and selling—every step in the real estate investment process is an opportunity to make or lose money. What if you could have professional advice to guide your decisions and investments?

Apple Growth Partners thoroughly understands the challenges you face and can design accounting, tax and business solutions that maximize your financial position. With more than 40 years of industry experience, we are at your disposal to provide guidance and planning that reduce your risk and improve the success of your construction and real estate ventures.

Construction and Real Estate services:

  • Real estate tax credit analysis
  • Bonding & surety assistance
  • Surety approved financial reporting
  • Audit of tenant compliance with lease agreements
  • Tax-free, like-kind exchanges
  • Budgeting & cash flow analysis
  • Contract profitability analysis
  • Capital expenditure payback
  • Benchmarking / profit enhancement
  • Regulatory & licensing reporting
  • ODOT pre-qualification
  • Construction claims documentation
  • Structuring sale & purchase transactions
  • Buy/lease analysis agreements
  • Passive loss planning
  • Involuntary conversion planning
  • Debt & interest tracing rules

Affordable Housing

HUD Audits

Owners of rent-subsidized properties face a myriad of reporting and compliance issues to maintain their properties’ status. We have extensive experience managing the special audit requirements of properties that receive funding from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). In addition to the HUD audit, we can manage federal and state regulations, special HUD requirements and multiple funding sources. Services include:

  • Cost certification studies, financial forecasts and projections
  • Integration of the necessary federal audit procedures with those required for regular business audit
  • Issuance of compliance reports according to provisions of loan agreements and/or federal and state tax returns

Low Income Housing Tax Credits

AGP provides strategic evaluations, transaction structuring, compliance guidelines and financial projections to ensure the optimum benefit for owners, developers and investors. Services include:

  • Cost certification studies, financial forecasts and projections
  • Certification for carryover allocation (10% test)
  • Transaction structuring and real estate advisory services
  • Year 15 analysis, including evaluation of options and strategies for stakeholders
  • Analysis of the propriety of partnership allocations according to IRS Code Sections 704 and 752

Historic Tax Credits

If you are preserving, rehabilitating or developing historic properties, we can provide the planning, compliance and reporting required to meet the tax credit guidelines. Services include:

  • Financial projections to estimate tax credits and assistance in securing financing
  • Analysis of current debt and equity market terms to maximize federal and state historic tax credits
  • Review and evaluation of related tax credit transactions to comply with IRS regulations
  • Development and application of transaction structures to maximize tax credits and equity proceeds

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