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A Guide to Business Fraud E-Book

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Download this comprehensive E-Book from Apple Growth Partners’ fraud prevention and detection experts, which includes detailed information for business owners:

  • The Different Types of Internal Business Fraud
  • Why Employees Commit Fraud…And How You Can Stop Them
  • Indicators of Fraud at Small & Medium-Sized Businesses
  • Forensic Accounting – What Is It?
  • Vendor Fraud: What It Is and How To Prevent It
  • Seasonal Workers and An Increased Risk of Fraud
  • Tips to Prevent Expense Report Fraud
  • Fraud Prevention Strategies
  • Internal Controls That All Businesses Should Enforce

Are your employees stealing from you?

Identify your business's risk of fraud, and what to do if you suspect fraudulent activity.

Download our fraud e-book today.

Discover red flags for all business owners to consider, including the downfalls of hiring seasonal employees. Learn how to establish internal controls to ensure you’re not caught off guard by fraudulent activity.