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For more than 70 years AGP continues to achieve its mission to provide services and creative solutions that deliver healthy, sustainable growth for private businesses. Our experienced and knowledgeable professionals are the driving force behind our Healthy Growth as a Firm. Here you can learn more about the individuals who make us Apple Growth Partners.

  • Stan Apple

    Stan Apple

    Chairman Emeritus/Principal - Tax



    MY GROWTH STRATEGY: Fueled by a commitment to provide the best advice and counsel, I am accessible and responsive without being concerned about billing for every minute by offering the free lunch promise. This promise allows clients to ask important questions,…

    Advisory Services, Succession Planning, Tax Planning & Preparation

  • Sheila Beck

    Sheila M. Beck

    Senior Manager – Audit & Assurance



    “Growing companies have new challenges and rapidly changing needs. Managing growth can be as interesting as managing a company during a downturn. We’re here to help with your evolving needs.” MY FAVORITE THING: I love manufacturing. I love factories and companies…

    ACA Reporting Compliance, Advisory Services, Fraud, Disputes & Litigation

  • Chris Benko head shot

    Christopher J. "Chris" Benko

    Principal - Audit & Assurance



    “Healthy growth is a company growing at a rate that they can sustain over time, not too fast.” MY GROWTH STRATEGY: When working with clients, I want what they want from their company and I will do whatever I can to…

    Advisory Services

  • Image of Jason Bogniard, Business Valuation Services, Akron Ohio

    Jason Bogniard

    Principal - Business Valuation



    “Healthy growth is helping entrepreneurs create sustainable businesses.” MY GROWTH STRATEGY: You can’t be afraid to take the time to explore all aspects of a client issue. A good professional builds a level of trust that allows a client to be…

    Advisory Services, Business Valuation, Fraud, Disputes & Litigation, Succession Planning

  • Jeff Brooks head shot

    Jeff Brooks

    Principal – Tax



    LinkedIn Link

    “To me, healthy growth means focusing on sustainable growth that can endure for generations.” MY GROWTH STRATEGY: My philosophy for working with clients is to have a collaborative environment in which we work together to solve problems and grow their business. Neither of…

    Advisory Services, International Tax Consulting & Planning, Retirement Planning, Tax Planning & Preparation

  • Susan Burnoski

    Susan Burnoski

    Director/Senior Manager – Audit & Assurance



    “Healthy Growth is sustainable growth.” MY GROWTH STRATEGY: Helping clients learn about compliance requirements and improve their processes is my favorite part of the growth process. I enjoy working with a wide variety of clients and working closely with them until…

    ACA Reporting Compliance, Advisory Services, Employee Benefit Plans, Fraud, Disputes & Litigation

  • Kathy Davis head shot

    Kathy Davis

    Senior Manager - Tax



    “Healthy growth is the evolution of a company and how we can help our clients achieve their goals and objectives as their business progresses.” MY CLIENT PHILOSOPHY: My practice focuses on general construction, subcontractors, land developers, home building and property ownership/management….

    Advisory Services, Tax Planning & Preparation

  • Dave Gaino head shot

    Dave Gaino

    Chairman Emeritus/Principal - Tax



    “Healthy growth is planned and well-managed growth that strives to push the organization towards its goals, but not in a chaotic way.”  MY CLIENT PHILOSOPHY: Tax accountants are able to be passionate advocates for their clients and can clearly add value….

    Advisory Services, Emerging Business Service Group, Employee Benefit Plans, Retirement Planning, Succession Planning, Tax Planning & Preparation, Wealth Management

  • Jim Gornik

    Jim Gornik

    Principal – Tax



    “Healthy Growth is challenging the status quo. How can we do things differently to achieve growth and profitability? Get away from the same-old, same-old. Watch costs/expenses. Know how to apply tax-saving opportunities for maximum benefit.” From simply preparing a tax return…

    Advisory Services, Retirement Planning, Succession Planning

  • Head shot Dave Gustafson

    Davin R. "Dave" Gustafson

    Principal - Business Valuation



    “Healthy Growth means helping my clients be the best company they can be. Whether it’s a transaction or a 30 year ESOP, we focus particularly on “Healthy” for the company and employees.” MY GROWTH STRATEGY: I am proactive and relationship based….

    Advisory Services, Business Valuation, Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs), Owner & Family Compensation and Tax Planning, Succession Planning

  • Headshot of Kathy Keylor

    Kathleen "Kathy" Keylor

    Manager - Tax



    LinkedIn Link

    “Healthy Growth is sustainable growth that is planned for and well orchestrated.” MY GROWTH STRATEGY: My philosophy of working with clients is to be a good listener and truly understand their needs. Comprehending the entire picture helps me provide the best…

    International Tax Consulting & Planning, Owner & Family Compensation and Tax Planning, Tax Planning & Preparation

  • Mark Lapikas head shot

    Mark Lapikas

    Senior Manager - Tax



    “Healthy growth means starting with a good foundation and striving to make it better.”  MY CLIENT PHILOSOPHY: It’s not rocket science. I simply treat clients in the same manner as I would expect to be treated. To that end, I focus…

    Advisory Services, International Tax Consulting & Planning, Retirement Planning, Succession Planning, Tax Planning & Preparation, Wealth Management

  • Ivan Mahovlic head shot

    Ivan Mahovlic

    Principal - Tax



    “Healthy growth is growing at a steady pace and achieving financial independence.” MY CLIENT PHILOSOPHY: As a trusted advisor, sounding board and friend, the best part of my job is making my clients happy and saving them money. I’m proud to…

  • Paul Martin Head shot

    Paul Martin

    Principal - Tax



     “Healthy growth means helping businesses grow organically through planning and following up with action.” MY CLIENT PHILOSOPHY: I truly care about clients I work with and consider them to be true friends. When working with someone, it is important for me…

    Advisory Services, International Tax Consulting & Planning, Retirement Planning, Succession Planning, Tax Planning & Preparation, Wealth Management

  • Steve Mazza Headshot

    Steve Mazza

    Manager - Tax



    LinkedIn Link

    “Healthy Growth is Efficiently Guiding Clients to Achieving Sustainable Growth by Taking Advantage of All Possible Tax Saving Opportunities Available.” MY GROWTH STRATEGY: My client philosophy is to be an extension of my client’s business rather than someone who simply prepares…

    Tax Planning & Preparation

  • Ann Miller head shot

    Ann Miller

    Manager – Tax



    “Healthy growth means being able to work with clients from infancy to maturity helping to develop their business by advising on all types of tax matters and cash planning and/or being able to connect them with other professionals that will help…

    Tax Planning & Preparation

  • Randy Misch

    Randy Misch

    Principal – Audit & Assurance



    “Healthy growth is engaging with your clients and helping them grow in all aspects of their business.” MY GROWTH STRATEGY: Proactive, efficient and reliable. I oversee compliance and attest services, and I make sure they are timely and cost effective. This…

    Advisory Services

  • Brian Morgan Head shot

    Brian Morgan

    Senior Manager - Audit & Assurance



    “Healthy growth is helping clients grow through commitment, accountability and integrity.” MY CLIENT PHILOSOPHY: I approach clients respectfully in order to understand their concerns so that we can work together to find a solution. As an auditor, I enjoy working directly…

    ACA Reporting Compliance, Accounting & Assurance, Employee Benefit Plans

  • Chuck Mullen head shot

    Charles F. “Chuck” Mullen




    “Healthy Growth is about serving as a close trusted advisor to a business and its owners, and continuously suggesting proactive ideas to help a business grow in all aspects and functions.” MY GROWTH STRATEGY: I enjoy working with industrious people. For…

    Advisory Services, International Tax Consulting & Planning, Retirement Planning, Succession Planning, Tax Planning & Preparation, Wealth Management

  • Bob Nemeth head shot

    Robert M. "Bob" Nemeth

    Principal  - Business Valuation/Tax



    “Healthy growth is helping clients achieve their business and personal financial goals.” The most gratifying part about working with clients is watching their business expand to provide new jobs, new products and increased wealth. WHAT DRIVES ME: I respect challenging work…

    Advisory Services, Business Valuation, Fraud, Disputes & Litigation, Succession Planning

  • Sue Peirce head shot

    Susan Peirce

    Principal - Audit & Assurance



    “Healthy growth means opportunity. It is working together with our clients and other members of their advisory team to achieve sustainable, structured, strategic growth.” MY CLIENT PHILOSOPHY: Working with clients is a privilege I do not take for granted. I treat…

    ACA Reporting Compliance, Advisory Services, Employee Benefit Plans, Wealth Management

  • Don Robison head shot

    Don Robison

    Senior Manager – Audit & Assurance



    “Healthy Growth is sustained financial growth based on sound principles of management.” MY CLIENT PHILOSOPHY: I enjoy harnessing my analytical skills to help identify potential financial issues for my clients. Not only am I always available to my clients or to…

  • Amy Smith head shot

    Amy Smith

    Manager - Tax



    “Healthy growth is growing your business at a pace that is sustainable for the long term.” MY GROWTH STRATEGY: Big or small, clients deserve the same level of service. Small- to mid-size businesses often need assistance in areas that allow me…

  • Diane Thacker

    Diane Thacker

    Manager – Tax



    “Healthy growth means working with a client to assist them in growing their business in a way and at a rate that is comfortable for them. Growth can mean monetary increase but also other changes such as business product, staff, culture…

    Advisory Services, Employee Benefit Plans, Retirement Planning, Tax Planning & Preparation, Wealth Management

  • John Valle head shot

    John Valle

    Senior Manager – Tax



    “Healthy growth is smart, strategic and sustainable growth of your business.” MY GROWTH STRATEGY: In my role at Apple Growth Partners, I work closely with small business owners as their trusted advisor. I listen to their business needs and take the…

    Tax Planning & Preparation

  • Janet Williams head shot

    Janet Williams

    Controller/Senior Manager - Tax



    “Healthy growth is growth that exposes a company’s place in the market; achieved by increased revenues; smart cost savings plans; reinvestment in tools of the trade (equipment, software, etc.); and investment in key employee roles.” OUR GROWTH STRATEGY: At AGP, we…