Apple Growth Partners

Ep79: Supporting Working Moms

We know the pandemic has been rough on everyone. Still, recent articles from NPR, The Washington PostRolling Stone, and CBS News have reported concerning statistics on working moms’ impact. Moms are often the “go to” for everything, which now means virtual school, hybrid schooling, working from home, providing childcare to younger kids with daycares closed, and more. Employers are finding moms not just leaving companies for another job, they’re leaving their jobs to focus on their household. Moms can also experience career setbacks, including promotions and advancements, while managing work, school, and childcare from home. Today, we’re talking to five working moms from Apple Growth Partners (six including Chuck’s co-host, Brittany) to learn how they’re managing the shifting priorities, finding ‘me’ time, navigating virtual playdates, and more. Our Awesome Moms also share insights for business owners for how to support their working parents, especially moms, and what leaders can do to check in with their employees. A great insight and conversation to the current situation of many professionals.