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Ep84: Transitioning to a Work from Anywhere Culture – Part 2

Now fifth-time guest Erica Ishida returns to discuss in detail how leaders can pivot and execute a work from home culture in the wake of the pandemic. Recognizing the pandemic is still ongoing, Erica shares how leaders need to rethink the “where” to work that can be easily and safely completed at home. We discuss business owners that may be missing a walk around the office to talk to their employees and how they can achieve this interpersonal communication virtually. Erica provides insight to the future of the workforce, and the many benefits to a work from anywhere strategy, including what it means for recruitment. This is part 2 of our introduction episode two weeks ago for business owners to truly strategize and execute a work from anywhere shift to benefit employees, processes, efficiencies, and more. A great conversation as we start a new year.