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6 Things To Consider Before Purchasing a Car Wash

The rapid growth of the carwash industry has made it a promising investment for those interested in owning a business. The opportunities will continue to grow as the industry expands — the global car wash services market is anticipated to grow when you consider that more than 72% of drivers in the United States regularly use professional car wash services.


Placing Growth at the Center of Your Business

Owning and operating a restaurant can have significant perks, with a side of complexities. Mainly, understanding and forecasting taxes for restaurants, which can cause headaches among other responsibilities. Proactive tax planning is a must and should be completed prior to 12/31 of the calendar year to identify opportunities. Tax rules often change; best practice recommends business owners should understand the rules as stated currently, while being aware of potential future changes.

Thriving During Inflation: How Business Leaders Can Accept, Think Differently, and Get Ahead

Inflation hedging requires counterintuitive thinking but with persistence and vigilance, we will all arrive at the new normal unscathed. Historically, inflation raises prices, wages and input costs to a new level and then flattens out (relatively speaking). Deflation typically does not occur, and so, the exercise of adjusting has an end to it, thankfully.

I’d like to assemble an advisory board! Where do I start?

By Brandon Fredericks, CPA | AGP Advisory, Leader In my last article, I presented one of the benefits of an advisory boards as the ease of its creation. Though that is true, the upfront work should not be taken lightly. There is nothing worse than assembling the ‘wrong’ compensation of advisory board members.  Before fully greenlighting an advisory board, I encourage you to invest a full day workshop with your …

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The Advisory Board: Is it right for my organization?

By Brandon Fredericks, CPA | AGP Advisory, Leader How different the world looks and feels in March 2021? Crazy to think a little over thirteen months ago, I finished up my last business travel via air travel for an Advisory project. Since then, I have yet to step foot on a tarmac. Though ‘how’ we do business has changed drastically, our clients and customers are still …

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