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Seasonal Workers Can Lead to an Increased Risk of Fraud


“Seasonal Workers Can Lead to an Increased Risk of Fraud” by Kristen Culp | Associate – Tax Hiring seasonal workers can be a big advantage for industries with peak sales periods. Particularly in Northeast Ohio, the construction, real estate…


Basic Internal Controls that All Business Owners Should Enforce

Image of internal controls for fraud prevention.


“Basic Internal Controls that All Business Owners Should Enforce” by Susan Burnoski, CPA | Director/Senior Manager – Audit & Assurance As a business owner, you need to protect your company from theft and false financial reporting. Strong internal controls…


Vendor Fraud What it is and How to Prevent it

If you suspect vendor fraud in your organization, AGP can help detect fraud and tighten your internal controls.


“Vendor Fraud What it is and How to Prevent it” by Ian Mansfield | Associate – Audit & Assurance Employee fraud is an unfortunate reality faced by every organization, big and small. Any employee who feels enough pressure and sees…


Fraud Prevention – Simple Strategies to Safeguard Your Business

These simple strategies can help you safeguard your business against fraud.


By Drew Bolog, Associate – Audit & Assurance Now that we know Why Employees Commit Fraud…and How you Can Stop Them and the Different Types of Internal Business Fraud from prior blog posts, we can now look at how…