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Bitcoin Fraud – What is it and How Do I Protect it from Fraud?

Bitcoin fraud is on the rise. With the value of these currencies increasing daily, they have become a prime target for thieves and fraudsters looking to take advantage of Bitcoin’s skyrocketing price and exploit the poor security habit of new users.


“Bitcoin Fraud – What is it and How Do I Protect it from Fraud?” by Ian Mansfield | Associate – Audit & Assurance   Bitcoin is the original cryptocurrency – a decentralized electronic payment system designed to eliminate the need…


Charity Fraud Targeting the Conscience of Donors

Donating to charity is great, but charity fraud is on the rise. Here are tips to protect yourself.


“Charity Fraud Targeting the Conscience of Donors” by Brittany Zeman, Intern – Tax There is nothing more noble than thinking of others who are less fortunate when you find yourself in a position that allows you to give. Sadly,…


Tips to Protect your Financial Identity

Criminals are constantly seeking new ways to obtain your data which begs the question, how do I protect myself from financial identity theft?


“Tips to Protect your Financial Identity” by Mark Lapikas, CPA, MTax, MBA | Senior Manager – Tax  With the recent breach of Equifax, an estimated 143 million Americans’ information was compromised. In addition, in 2015 Anthem was breached compromising…


Spot the Fraudsters-Indicators of Fraud at Small & Medium Sized Businesses

The median loss to fraudsters in the US per fraud scheme is $150,000. Here are the top six behavioral characteristics of fraudsters.


“Spot the Fraudsters – Indicators of Fraud at Small and Medium Sized Businesses” by Toby Kaye, CPA | Senior Associate – Tax  A 2016 global fraud study by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (“Report to the Nations on…


Tips to Prevent Elderly Fraud and Identity Theft

Fraudsters actively target the elderly, here are tips to protect yourself.


“Tips to Prevent Elderly Fraud and Identity Theft” by Christine Bieniosek | Associate – Tax  Financial and identity theft is increasing at an alarming rate, especially for the elderly.  As commerce moves away from brick-and mortar stores to the…