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What Does Growth Mean to You?

Healthy Growth Blog - What Does Growth Mean To You
By Erica Ishida | President and Chief Operating Officer

Most, if not all of us, have experienced what it feels like to be overwhelmed and stretched too thin. When this happens, we often end up neglecting certain areas of our life, feel excessive stress, have trouble focusing on work, and eventually get burnt out. On the other hand, if we feel fulfilled, valued, and able to balance our personal lives, we are more loyal to our employer, happy, and productive.

While the pandemic has brought struggles and hard times, it has also forced us to look at our lives and our businesses from a new perspective. For many of us, it has brought our top priorities into clearer focus. It has never been more important to recognize and support each other’s priorities in life, not just work. 

At AGP, I have seen that a culture which centers on taking care of one another, promotes self and family care, crafts their benefits around their employees, and encourages everyone to bring their whole selves to work, has resulted in happier, more productive employees who are eager to take care of our clients, our community, and help our firm achieve our collective goals. 

For these reasons, and because we truly care about our team, we have introduced new options and benefits like AGP Anywhere, a program that empowers our employees to choose where they work best – either at home, the office, or both. In addition, our leadership team holds a strong commitment to fostering a culture of personal growth, respect, and taking care of each other.

We believe the success of our firm is a direct result of our employees. In supporting them with these programs, a constant commitment to our culture, and generous benefits and PTO, we have seen our business thrive.

As an employer, if we enable our employees to take care of themselves and their personal lives, we too will reap the benefits of reduced turnover, and happier, more engaged employees.

Take care of your employees, and they will take care of your business.


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