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Effective Feedback – Giving it, Asking for it, Receiving it

Providing feedback can be difficult, especially when you are concerned that it might not be well received. Similarly, asking for feedback can feel uncomfortable and cause some initial anxiety. However, feedback is an essential part of professional development that when given and received effectively can result in personal growth, improved performance, and strengthened relationships.

Healthy Growth Blog

The Death of the To-Do List – Why Your Calendar is the More Powerful Tool

Most of us have been taught to keep a to-do list for our tasks and projects, and our calendar for meetings and appointments. With a to-do list, certain items can get constantly pushed back for more “urgent” items in the moment. Often, at the end of the day we find that the list of uncompleted tasks has gotten longer, not shorter. Then, we have this feeling that we can never get enough done, resulting in guilt and stress.

But what if you instead used your calendar to schedule everything, including those to-dos? Have you ever heard someone say, “Hang on, let me check my to-do list.”? Putting something on your calendar is making a true commitment to it.

Practicing Authentic Leadership

It has become too common that we try to come off a certain way at work, or as leaders, feel pressure to “match” our personality to the role. As a result, we often feel depleted, begin losing interest in our work, and fail to genuinely connect with our teams.

Healthy Growth Blog

Proposed Law Changes Impacting Estate and Gift Tax Planning

Between the Biden Administration’s American Families Plan and the proposed “For The 99.5 Percent Act,” several potential changes could have a significant impact on estate and gift tax planning opportunities. Many iterations and changes will likely occur before these changes are finalized. However, planning should be happening now based on the below changes being considered. All comparisons below are based on 2021 individual limits.

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Our Role as Business Leaders in Our Community

We have all heard the old saying that time is the most valuable commodity. As a leader, it can often feel as though our plates are so full that we have little time for anything else. However, I encourage you to consider the value of becoming an active leader in your community.

The benefits of supporting the community not only come to the organizations you support, but also to you, your employees, and your organization as a whole.

Business Disputes – Lost Profits and Incremental Expenses

By Jason Bogniard, MBA, ASA, CVA, EA | Principal, Business ValuationMay 11, 2021 Damages can be calculated with reasonable certainty, and are most often done so using “Lost Profits” as the measure of the alleged damages.  Much like it sounds, Lost Profits represent the amount of money that the plaintiff requests the court to award to …

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I’d like to assemble an advisory board! Where do I start?

By Brandon Fredericks, CPA | AGP Advisory, Leader In my last article, I presented one of the benefits of an advisory boards as the ease of its creation. Though that is true, the upfront work should not be taken lightly. There is nothing worse than assembling the ‘wrong’ compensation of advisory board members.  Before fully greenlighting an advisory board, I encourage you to invest a full day workshop with your …

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