Apple Growth Partners

Dear John: Breaking Up with a Previous Accounting Firm

Mark Lapikas, CPA

Once the rush of tax season and the inevitable deadline has passed, you may be considering a change in your business accountant. Your company may ultimately benefit from a partnering with a full-service firm, such as Apple Growth partners, that offers a wide variety of services in addition to business tax preparation. Perhaps your company would benefit from a local accountant, rather than working with someone out of state. Whichever the reason for switching firms, it ultimately means an awkward conversation awaits with your current CPA: “I’m changing my accounting firm.”

Bringing back memories of high school break ups – “It’s not you, it’s me” – could seem difficult, especially if you’ve been working with a particular accounting firm for a significant period of time. But operating a business requires tackling tough conversations head on. Apple Growth Partners is here to help.

We’ve crafted a simple transition letter on your behalf that can be sent to your existing accounting firm. Simply change the highlighted sections of the Microsoft Word document to fit your business’s specifics (name, address, etc.). Our letter will outline the transition of files and records needed to establish with a new company. Both accounting firms can quickly and seamlessly handle the change outlined in our prepared memo.

Let us help make your switch in accounting firms effortless. Click here to request our transition letter and a member of our team will reach out to discuss your needs.