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Ep9: What Exactly are Opportunity Zones?

Have you heard of the new incentive in the most recent tax reform changes known as Opportunity Zones? Opportunity Zones create tax benefits to investors, business owners, and real estate professionals while positively impacting our communities. But this “opportunity” won’t last long – only applicable in the 2019 calendar year, people looking to benefit from tax deferment need to act fast.

With 75% of venture funding going to only three cities in the entire U.S., Opportunity Zones allows investors to defer, reduce, and even eliminate having to pay tax on certain capital gains while investing in communities across the country. Chuck and Brittany talk today with three industry experts: our friends from Environmental Design Group Dwayne Groll, president and Jeff Kerr, executive vice president and Bob Neides, CPA, a principle from our firm, Apple Growth Partners. Learn with Chuck and Brittany who needs to take advantage of Opportunity Zones and why this benefits our communities. Environmental Design Group can be reached at and found on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.