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Leadership Styles: Transactional vs. Transformational

Although transactional and transformational leadership are quite different approaches to leadership, comparing the two is not a question of good vs. bad or right vs. wrong. Both offer advantages in certain situations, and while you may naturally gravitate toward one style, understanding both and knowing when to utilize their strategies can make you an even stronger leader.

Effective Feedback – Giving it, Asking for it, Receiving it

Providing feedback can be difficult, especially when you are concerned that it might not be well received. Similarly, asking for feedback can feel uncomfortable and cause some initial anxiety. However, feedback is an essential part of professional development that when given and received effectively can result in personal growth, improved performance, and strengthened relationships.

Practicing Authentic Leadership

It has become too common that we try to come off a certain way at work, or as leaders, feel pressure to “match” our personality to the role. As a result, we often feel depleted, begin losing interest in our work, and fail to genuinely connect with our teams.